Sherr & Jon: Week 26

Sherr is still waiting to hear from JSSA about employment services for Jon. She is going to call them again tomorrow to see if they have received the referral from DORS.

She spoke with her electrician friend who encouraged Jon to call the union to ask why he was never granted an interview. Unfortunately, Jon hasn’t made the call yet. Sherr is struggling with Jon’s lack of motivation and is unsure of what to do at this point. He’s gotten very comfortable with the status quo and doesn’t seem to be interested in stepping out of his comfort zone. He still hasn’t completed his resume, and at this point she is considering just doing it herself…  Hopefully they should be receiving assistance from JSSA soon, and they also have an appointment with the transition counselor coming up next week.

So, what does a parent do when their disabled child doesn’t follow through with the steps that are necessary to find employment?  With a neurotypical child, the answer is a lot more straight-forward. You just send them packing! But what does one do in a case like this? It’s a tricky situation. Any thoughts?


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